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Wired/WIFI/2.4G Wireless Controller For Xbox One/360/Steam/IOS Gaming Joystick 3D Dual Vibration phone PC Console Control

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  • Description

    Name: WIFI For xbox one controller

    Color: Orange/Black/White/Blue

    Support: For XBOX ONE series hosts, Android, IOS, PC Windows 7 and above operating system platforms, etc

    Different device connection methods:

    1. Xbox console – WIFI/USB wired

    2. PC – WIFI/USB wired/Bluetooth

    3. Android – Bluetooth/USB wired

    4. IOS – Bluetooth

    Product features:

    1. Lithium battery/dry battery power supply, supporting TYPE-C data cable;

    2. Supports original 1st and 2nd generation adapters, which can be wirelessly connected to PC computers;

    3.3.5mm headphone jack, supporting stereo headphones

    4. Supports three connection methods: WIFI, wired, and Bluetooth

    5. Effective distance of buttons: 10M; Sound effective distance: 6M

    6. Add vibration motors to the left and right trigger keys, making the weapon, impact, and vibration experience realistic

    7. New hybrid directional keys that can accurately input operating instructions, creating a realistic gaming experience

    8. Can be upgraded through USB

    9. Support TURBO function (semi automatic). Back button has 2 mapping buttons

    Name: For xbox one 2.4G wireless controller
    Color: Orange/Black/White/Blue/Red/Green
    Support: All XBOX ONE series consoles, as well as Windows 10 and above operating systems on PC computers, support Steam massive gaming platform;
    Connection method: Xbox one dongle 2.4G receiver insertion

    Function description:
    1. Support TYPE-C data cable;
    2. New hybrid directional keys that can accurately input operating instructions, creating a realistic gaming experience
    3. Delicate feedback from the vibration motor, which can make weapons, impacts, and vibrations feel realistic
    4. Full directional joystick 360 ° full directional control, quick rebound, and higher accuracy
    5. Can be upgraded through USB
    6. Supports MIC, 3.5 headphones, stereo output
    7. Support for Xbox One Gamepad Test Tool testing software

    Name: For xbox one wired controller

    Color: Black/White/Blue/Red/Green

    Support: All XBOX ONE series consoles, as well as Windows 10 and above operating systems on PC computers, support Steam massive gaming platform;

    Connection method: TypeC data cable

    Function description:

    1. Support TYPE-C data cable;

    2.3.5mm headphone jack, supporting stereo headphones

    3. New hybrid directional keys that can accurately input operating instructions, creating a realistic gaming experience

    4. Delicate feedback from the vibration motor, which can make weapons, impacts, and vibrations feel realistic

    5. Full directional joystick 360 ° full directional control, quick rebound, and higher accuracy

    6. Can be upgraded through USB

    Name: For xbox 360 2.4G Wireless Controller

    Color: Black/White

    Support: Xbox 360 Series/PC

    Connection method: 2.4G receiver insertion

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