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Wired Gaming Keyboard Adjustable RGB Backlit Lighting 61 Keys Keypad For Computer Laptop PC Gamers Home Work Office Accessories

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    Product function introduction:

    The keyboard compound key functions are controlled as follows:

    1:Volume adjustment:

    FN+R key is volume reduction, FN+T key is volume increase, FN+Y key is mute;

    2:Backlight adjustment:

    FN + U key streamer speed accelerates, FN + J streamer speed slows down,

    there are 5 speeds adjustable; always bright backlight cannot be adjusted;

    FN +O and FN + L adjust the backlight brightness, 5 levels adjustable;

    FN+ I: Backlight off/on, cyclic switching;

    FN+K: streamer light switching mode;

    FN+M: Monochrome light switching mode;

    3:Compound function key switch:

    FN+1! key: F1

    FN+2@ key: F2

    FN+3# key: F3

    FN+4$ key: F4

    FN+5% key: F5

    FN+6^ key: F6FN+7& key: F7

    FN+8* key: F8

    FN+9 (Key: F9

    FN+0) key: F10

    FN+- key: F11

    FN+ =+ key: F12

    FN+Back key: Delete

    FN+`~ key: Esc


    Product number: V700

    Interface Type: USB

    Product solutions:SK9708

    product type:One- key keyboard

    Number of keys:61KEY

    Multimedia:With multimedia (laser carving)

    Button life:10 million times or more

    Operating Voltage:5.0V+5% DC

    Working current:150mA (MAX)

    Keycap material:ABS two-color injection

    Product line length:1.7M

    Keyboard weight:400g

    Product Size:29.2*10.2*4.0CM

    Package weight:520g

    Package Size: 32*13*4.5m

    Package Included:

    1x Gaming keyboard

    1x English User manual

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