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For SONY Playstation 4 PS4 Controller Case Wireless Bluetooth Thumb Grips Joystick Console Camo Skin Anti-slip Silicone Cover

From R133.76
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  • Description

    Note: This product does not include PS4 Controller

    Playstation4 PS4 handle protection cover, a variety of colors for choice.

    Players who have purchased the handle have this experience. The white handle is very easy to get dirty, especially the current rise in temperature caused by the heating and air conditioning in the house. The white and the handle are more likely to be contaminated by stains and sweat. So a handle silicone cover is to prevent handle stains. Introducing the PS4 handle silicone sleeve, which is very resistant to dirt and can effectively protect the safety of the handle.

    product features:
    1. Material : Soft Silicone
    2. Surface treatment: oil spray, comfortable touch, not easy to get dust
    3. Applicable temperature: -20℃ to +260℃
    4. It has a good buffering effect when accidentally dropped, which can protect your handle from damage;
    5. Soft texture and good hand feeling;
    6. Light weight, good slip resistance, and good transparency
    7. Using high-quality environmentally friendly silica gel as raw material, the mold is opened precisely, and it fits well with the PS4 handle.
    8. High-quality silicone, oil-jet feel, soft and comfortable, light and thin material, not burdening the palm.
    9. Anti-dust, anti-sweat, anti-squeeze, improve product life, protect and beautify the appearance of the handle.
    10. The buttons/interfaces and other operating parts are inlaid with blanking processing, which will not affect the operation and use after installation.


    1. Suitable for PS4 controller

    2. Do not scratch the silicone sleeve with sharp objects, so as not to cause damage to the product.

    3. The silicone sleeve can be wiped with a clean cleaning cloth dipped in water, do not use organic solvents for cleaning

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