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EKSA 2.4GHz Wireless Headphones E1000 WT 7.1 Surround Wired Gaming Headset Gamer with ENC Mic Low Latency for PC/PS4/PS5/Xbox

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    EKSA E1000 WT – Ultra Low Latency and Gaming Grade Wireless Headset

    Product Parameters

    * Item Name: True 2.4GHz Wireless Gaming Headset
    * Product Model: E1000 WT
    * Product Color: Black
    * Headphone type: Over ear
    * Driver diameter: 50mm
    * Connection Method: 2.4GHz Wireless + 3.5mm Wired
    * Speaker Sensitivity: 105dB ± 3dB
    * Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz
    * Speaker Impedance: 32Ω±15%
    * Mic sensitivity: -42±3dB
    * Microphone Direction: Omnidirectional
    * Playtime : 36h (Lights off, 70% volume)
    * Battery capacity: 1500mAh

    True 2.4 GHz Ultra-Low Latency Gaming-Grade Wireless

    Unlike Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz offer low latency and fast data transmission. EKSA E1000 WT gaming headset features ultra-low latency 2.4 GHz lossless wireless technology for high fidelity audio. The audio latency less than 30 ms is better than Bluetooth’s 100 ms, which offers an immersive lag-free wireless gaming experience.

    7.1 Surround & Stereo Dual Sound Effects

    EKSA E1000 WT has built-in 7.1 surround sound & stereo dual sound effects, short press the multi-function button to switch to meet your needs of multiple usage scenarios.

    Plug and Play EKSA 7.1 SoundBase

    EKSA 7.1 SoundBase Plug and Play feature provides an incomparable audio experience with punchy and immersive sound. Listen to footsteps and gunshots with accurate positioning and clarity. As a result, they can experience a lifelike battlefield in first-person shooting games. Can be directly applied to PC/PS4/PS5 and other devices.

    Personalized Audio Settings

    Enjoy the latest 7.1 virtual surround sound with the EKSA E1000 WT gaming headset. The EKSA SoundBase Software offers EQ sound customization to meet different gaming needs. Download the custom driver from our download page.

    EKSA VoicePure ENC

    Perfect team communication with EKSA VoicePure ENC. Environmental noise canceling technology isolates voice from the noise and eliminates up to 96% of distracting background sound. You’ll sound natural and clear in-game chats, giving you an extra competitive edge.

    Extended Battery Life

    The 1500 mAh high-capacity battery provides up to 36 hours of extra battery life, while a quick 10-minute Type-C fast charge increase 3 hours of use. With extended battery life, play hours of the game without charging.

    Note: The 36H playback time is tested at a 70% volume and lighting off state.

    Dazzlight RGB

    Get game-ready with Dazzlight RGB. The second you power it on, it glows with RGB color brilliance, immersing you in a broad array of colors. It is designed for serious gamers looking to win! At the same time, he supports one key to turn off the light。

    Multi-Platform Compatibility

    E1000 WT wireless gaming headset comes with a USB-A and 3.5 mm audio cable to support a wide range of gaming devices, such as PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One S/X, Nintendo Switch, smartphones, and tablets.

    Note: When connected through a 3.5mm audio cable, the one-button mute function on the headset will not work, because when the 3.5mm audio cable is connected, the wireless mode stops working, and the headset will automatically switch to wired mode when it is turned off, and the 3.5mm audio cable cannot Power supply, the mute button is an electronic button, and it cannot work without power.

    Comfortable Ergonomic Design

    Premium soft earmuffs ensure ultimate comfort even for a prolonged period. Moreover, adjustable headbands designed for balanced weight distribution and reduced clamping force offer comfort during lengthy gaming sessions.

    Stronger Sound Waves

    Upgraded 50 mm drivers come with a synthetic fiber diaphragm and OFC (oxygen-free copper) material that brings you purer, clearer immersive audio. 50 mm drivers produce stronger sound waves for better bass and sub-bass.

    Built-In Controls

    Control at your fingertips, stay in the game. Easily adjust the headphone volume, quickly mute mic, and switch sound effects with the push of a button. The built-in controls allow you to adjust the volume settings without navigating in-game settings.

    Package List

    1× E1000 WT Gaming Headset
    1× USB-A Wireless Dongle
    1× 3.5mm Audio Cable
    1× Type-C Charging Cable
    1× User Manual
    1× Carry Pouch
    1× Retail Box


    ① Does the E1000 WT use Bluetooth?

    No, EKSA E1000 WT contains even stronger wireless technology than Bluetooth. It contains a 2.4 GHz gaming-grade wireless connection. Undoubtedly, EKSA E1000 WT has better performance than Bluetooth headsets. The headset gives incredible audio quality because of its lossless audio technology, which means the headset won’t compress the sound. Also, it has ultra-low latency (less than 30 ms), which means that audio and video properly sync. Meanwhile, you will notice significant delays if you get a Bluetooth headset.

    ② What’s the difference between the E1000 and E1000 WT?

    Aside from some key function and position changes, the main difference between EKSA E1000 and E1000 WT is the USB interface. The E1000 WT contains a 3.5mm audio interface and a 2.4G Dongle wireless connection for smooth sound quality. Unlike RCA, the 3.5mm audio interface is portable and compatible with various gaming consoles and devices. Meanwhile, 2.4GHz gives plug and play experience and is suitable for longer ranges and transmission.

    ③ What is EKSA VoicePure ENC?

    Perfect your game communication with EKSA VoicePure ENC. It isolates your voice from the noise around you with a noise-cancelling microphone, eliminating up to 96% of distracting background noise. You’ll sound natural and clear in-game chats, giving you an extra competitive edge.

    ④ What is EKSA 7.1 SoundBase?

    EKSA 7.1 SoundBase provides an unrivaled audio experience with punchy and immersive sound. Every sneaky footstep and every explosive gunshot is reproduced with accurate positioning and stunning clarity, creating a lifelike battlefield. The plug-and-play feature means no extra hassle to get a truly immersive gaming experience across platforms – including PS4, PS5, Switch, and PC.

    ⑤ Does voice chat Work on all phones or tablets with a 3.5 mm interface?

    Yes, the 3.5 mm interface allows chatting with others through mobile devices or tablets, but the one-touch mute function on the headset does not work now. However, you can increase and decrease volume with built-in controls. You can connect EKSA E1000 WT with your mobile device for calls and a gaming console for communication. With lossless and uninterrupted communication, you can create gaming strategies and give your opponents a tough time.

    ⑥ Does the microphone still work when it’s retracted?

    The microphone will still pick up sound while retracting, but it needs to be extended and close to your mouth to produce the best sound quality. If you don’t want to use the microphone, you can click the one-button mute button on the headset to quickly turn off the microphone.

    ⑦ Why can’t I enjoy the 7.1 SoundBase?

    The E1000 WT gaming headset has two sound effects: 7.1 virtual surround sound and 3D stereo sound. You can switch between these two sound effects at will when you use a 2.4G dongle to connect the device. But when you connect the device via the 3.5mm audio interface, you can only enjoy 3D stereo sound.

    ⑧ How does multi-system connect work?

    The E1000 WT gaming headset has two ways of connection: wireless (via 2.4 GHz USB-A dongle) and wired (via a 3.5 mm audio interface). The headset allows you to connect this headset to your devices with USB-A or a 3.5 mm audio interface.

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