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77PCS Glow in The Dark DND Polyhedral Dice Set for Tabletop Roleplaying Fantasy Games

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  • Description

    77PCS Glow in The Dark DND Polyhedral Dice Set


    Standard 7-die set: D20, D12, D%, D10, D8, D6, D4

    Size: D4 (17.38mm), D6 (16.12mm), D8 (16mm), D10 (15.78mm), D% (15.78mm), D12 (17.76mm), D20 (19.52mm)

    Color: Orange green, Orange yellow, Blue green, Purple blue, Purple yellow, True-color, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple, Blue

    Weight: 27g/set

    Material: Acrylic

    Accessory: Velvet bag(14*18cm)

    Bag capacity: 100+ dice

    Game: Board games, Tabletop roleplaying games (DND Pathfinder), Card games, Math games


    – Easy to roll and read

    – Well balanced

    – Smooth, Durable

    – Excellent hand-feel

    – Unique

    Package includes:


    1 Premium dutch velvet bag

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