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4/10pcs Game Controller Thumb Grip Caps For PS4 For PS3 For Xbox One For Xbox One S For Xbox One X For Xbox 360 For Wii U

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    Smooth and washable design ensures comfort and cleanliness. Protect your joystick from dust and scratches. Non-slip surface is great for providing better grip to gaming performance.


    Enhanced Gaming Experience with Gaming Thumb Grips: Personalize and enhance your gaming experience with silicone thumb grip caps. With the non-slip thumb grips, you will no longer have to worry about slipping off the analog stick of your controllers.

    Extended Thumb Grips: These thumb grip caps extend the normal length of your controller analog sticks to help with easier controls.

    Analog Stick Protection: Help protect your for PS4, for PS3, for Xbox One, for Xbox One S, for Xbox One X, for Xbox 360, for Wii U, and for Wii Nunchuk analog sticks by adding thumb grip caps.

    Easy to Install: No tools or wires required. Just turn the thumb caps inside-out and pop it over the controller.



    Type:Thumbstick Grip/Cap

    Platform: For PlayStation / for Microsoft / for Nintendo

    Color:Black + Red


    Features:Padded, Water-Resistant


    Package Included:

    Package Included:

    4 x Controller Thumb Grip Caps


    10 X Controller Thumb Grip Caps

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